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A year ago today I finished packing up a U-Haul, and my mom and I (and Potter) drove from Portland to San Jose to start my life in the bay area. Good move, Lani!

Good stuff:

• I got an iphone 3G today.
• Last week I got an LCD HD TV to make more room in my place, some shelves to replace the wire cubes I was using and a new rug since Chase was chewing up the old one. It is nice to have the place refreshed.

Not So Good stuff:

• Yesterday I broke my no-eating-at-McDonald's rule. It's been 4 years.

Bad Stuff:

• Vladimir will be living in Russia for another 14 months or so.

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woohoo! change is good.

sorry to hear about vladimir, though - hope things work themselves out soon!

Damn. Does that timeline mean that his visa status will be reliably unfucked by October 2009? That's actually halfway good news, if it means that you two never have to go through that crap again. Yecccch.

Theoretically, but the laws could change by then.

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