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The problem with book club

My problem with book club is not with the book club establishment or with my club in particular -- it is completely of my own making. I don't give myself enough time to read the whole book. Then I go to book club and discuss the tome*, which gives me a false sense of closure and seriously reduces my motivation to finish it. The unfinished books are piling up and mingling with the unstarted books, and any day now my literary world will tumble into chaos. Well really I would simply prefer the sense of accomplishment in finishing the books.

*unlike college, I don't have to pretend I finished the book

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I know what you mean. My book club read Team of Rivals (700+ pp.) last month and I didn't get past p. 100. I will finish it one day. I chose the next book - 1000 White Women, so I am obliged to finish it and lead the discussion. Why oh why did I say I would do this! I recommend Samaritan by Richard Price. Much shorter. I read it in 2 days. Next book will be The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Can't wait!

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